Dual Vertex Magneto Angle Drive (1932 to 1948)

This cam-driven Dual Vertex Angle Drive is one of the rarest aftermarket Ford flathead V8 engine accessories ever manufactured! It is specifically designed to be used on a 1932 to 1948 Ford 59A flathead engine utilizing cylinder heads with two spark plugs per cylinder, such as the ELCO twin spark plug cylinder heads we reproduce (page 14). This dual vertex angle drive is a 100% accurate reproduction of an accessory drive originally introduced in the early to mid-1950. It will accommodate two four cylinder Vertex magnetos for a single plug cylinder head application or two V8 Vertex magnetos for a twin plug application. The Vertex magnetos shown are for demonstration purposes only, and are not included with the angle drive.

Unlike other dual magneto angle drives like the Barker, it positions the Vertex magnetos in a nearly vertical position, thus eliminating a lot of interference problems with fan belts and other external engine accessories. It is the ultimate conversation piece in a world of aftermarket Ford flathead V8 speed equipment! Because of its high cost of manufacture, it is produced in a very limited quantities. Please inquire as to availability.