ORD 24 Stud Cylinder Heads, Two Carburetor Intake Manifold and Adapters (1939 to 1948)

Perhaps one of the rarest and most desirable setups in Hot Rod History! Developed prior to WWII by highly respected, Southern California race car mechanic and automotive engineer Mal Ord, ORD products were designed specifically for use on 1939 to 1948 Ford flathead V8 engines. With minor modifications, ORD equipment can also be used on 1949 to 1953 Ford 8BA flathead V8 engines. Please inquire for details. This ORD intake manifold can be used on 1932 to 1953 Ford flathead V8 engines. It will accept two, four bolt Winfield S or SR ā€œDā€ down draft carburetors, without adapters, and two pairs of siamese Winfield carburetors with its adapters. By using the two, three bolt carburetor adaptors that are included, it will accommodate two, three bolt Stromberg, Chandler Grove, or Holly carburetors. Cylinder head compression ratio: 8.25 to 1. Sold as a complete fivepiece set, without carburetors.