Vertex Style Angle Drive and Bronze Drive Gear (1932 to 1948)

This cam-driven angle drive is specifically designed for use with 1932 to 1948 Ford flathead V8 engines, including the 1937 to 1940 Ford V8-60. It can also be used on a 1949 to 1953 Ford 8BA flathead V8 engine by utilizing an early 1939 to 1948 crank gear, camshaft and timing cover in place of the stock 1949 to 1953 crank gear, camshaft and timing cover. This angle drive is a 100% accurate reproduction of an angle drive originally produced in the 1930’s. It will accommodate either a Vertex Magneto or a Nash Twin 8 distributor. Minor magneto or distributor main shaft modifications necessary. Please inquire for details.