Monterey Speed and Sport’s highly qualified craftsmen utilize a complement of special equipment and extensive backgrounds to successfully perform the full range of mechanical, coachbuilding, paint, machining, and parts sourcing necessary to capture the essence of pre and post War hot rods and sports racing cars.

Our projects range from a complete body-off restoration to the preservation of an exceptional original car. We also offer expertise in other aspects of car collecting, such as brokerage services and historic race car preparation.


Our restoration staff embraces a true commitment to craftsmanship and detail. We consistently set the highest standard in restoration. Multiple Pebble Beach winning restorations attest to the validity of this claim.

We collaborate with numerous specialists to satisfy our need for award winning upholstery or the manufacture of no-longer-available parts. A significant number of research hours are devoted to locating original parts and materials through domestic and international sources.

Iconic hot rods and sports racers built prior to 1960 were originally assembled the old fashioned way – by hand. Our staff is capable of virtually re-manufacturing a car from the ground up, using a multitude of skills and a tremendous amount of patience. We are dedicated to faithfully replicating the parts, materials, and construction details used by the original builders.


Experience has shown that an exceptional original car is, in fact, unique and highly valued both by historians and collectors. Our underlying philosophy, consistent in everything that we do, is that any part of a car which is truly in original condition should be preserved whenever feasible.


Decades of experience and an extensive collection of reference materials are the key sources upon which decisions are made regarding authenticity and originality. Questions of authenticity are often answered by conferring with the original builder of a car or the owner’s family. In other situations, the answer comes from the car itself during its careful disassembly and inspection.

Additional Services

Our pre-eminence in the restoration field puts us in contact with an International clientele of buyers and sellers. We also acquire historically significant hot rods and historic race cars for restoration and ultimate inclusion in our own significant collection of noteworthy vehicles.