Don Orosco


My talented team and I have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to turn out exceptionally high quality and highly competitive historic sports and racing cars. What we really thrive on are historic hot rods and new creations that are traditionally inspired. Their look, feel, sound and performance capture the essence of a simpler time.

Customers who share this appreciation for the origins of our industry are very attracted to the things we manufacture. We appeal to the serious hot rodder who wants a product with history, speed and “unusual” written all over it. We specialize in speed equipment that you may have heard about but perhaps have never experienced or held in your hand. Our interest lies in recreating or restoring products you won’t see at every rod run or in every other hot rod. We are passionate about what we do, and we are perfectionists. Our work speaks for itself.

We can’t be all things to all people. Our historic restorations and new creations are always influenced by our appreciation for the past and are distinctly different in subtle ways. That is what’s unique about our products. They get pulses pounding and trigger fond memories of a simpler time.

Now operating under the Monterey Speed and Sport banner, my team and I offer a growing selection of rare reproduction parts, even including a finned dual carburetor intake manifold for twin two-bolt Stromberg or Fish carburetors.

We have had a hand in the restoration and preservation of twelve of the most historically significant hot rods of all time. I find it very satisfying to capture the essence of our hot rod heritage embodied in these hot rods, and to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. Using experience gained in many Concours and race-winning restorations, my staff and I seek out a limited number of unique historic hot rods and historic race car restoration projects and faithfully restore them to their former glory.

I’m absolutely committed to customer satisfaction, and thrive on interaction with my customers. I never want to lose touch with them. Restoring and racing historic race cars has been a huge part of my life. Nothing beats the personal satisfaction I derive from giving back to a hobby that has given so much pleasure and enjoyment to my sons and me.

Product Notes
Regarding period aftermarket speed heads, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference in the performance characteristics of all aftermarket, high-compression cylinder heads manufactured by Edelbrock, Offenhauser, Sharp, Navarro, Cyclone, Evans, Edmonds, Weiand, Thickston and Eddie Meyer. The major differences in these projects were largely cosmetic in nature. Limited production Eddie Meyer speed equipment, however, has always been known for its uncompromising quality, award-winning performance, and overall visual appeal. These products were an integral part of our hot rod heritage and our products preserve Eddie Meyer Engineering’s commitment to excellence and pursuit of speed. Whether installed in a Model T, Model A, Model B, Deuce V8, early Ford V8, 40 Ford, rat rod, street rod, hot rod, roadster, roadster pickup, phaeton, three-window coupe, five-window coupe, two-door sedan, 50 Mercury, Kustom, or lead sled, Eddie Meyer speed equipment has always made a statement about the owner’s desire to own the very best.

Other period speed equipment manufactured by Hilborn, Halibrand, Hildebrant, Elco, Winfield, Mallory, Stewart Warner, Kelsey Hayes, Barker, Kong, Vertex, Scintilla, Harmon Collins, and Hunt made significant contributions to the overall speed, performance and enhanced visual appeal of any flathead-powered antique, vintage, historic, barn find, or classic automobile they were installed in. Our discussions at Monterey Speed and Sport often surround the relative merits of S. Co. T. supercharged engines versus fuel injected or multiple carbureted versions, 39 Ford three-speed gearboxes versus 37 Cad LaSalle three speeds, Columbia two-speed rear ends, 40 Ford juice brakes versus Kinmont disc brakes, “Mor Drop” versus “Dago” dropped axles, 25 versus 26-tooth Lincoln Zephyr gears, NOS (new old stock) versus mint used parts, Ardun Overhead Valve engines versus fuel injected flatheads, bored and stroked motors, and other products ultimately installed in circle track race cars such as midgets, sprint cars, Indy cars, and in diggers, dragsters, Dry Lakes and Salt Flats racers, and the other vehicles that played a major role in our hot rod heritage. – Don Orosco